Did you know ?

50% of companies use an external advisor to setup operations overseas.

EIU Survey:
'Corporate Overseas Expansion'  (2015)

40% of companies are planning to outsource their site selection activities.

DCI Survey:
'Winning Strategies' (2014)

What is FDI Professionals ?

An online platform of major location advisors and influencers allowing corporations and economic development organizations to find the right people to identify, advise and support inward investment projects worldwide.

Who is on FDI Professionals ?

    Site selectors / Incentives advisors

    Banks advising on FDI

    Real estate advisors

    Legal professionals

    Accountants advising on set-up

    Consultants advising on FDI

    Recruitment & HR advisors

    Journalists reporting on FDI

    . . .

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